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So, finally my holidays started and they won’t end until the 8th of January 2007. Beside all the x-massing this year I also found time to continue some work on all the things I have - at least theoretically - running. I resumed hacking on my media center software for Linux and also found some time to continue thinking and a bit designing about/of Endorphin (formerly Sulphur). While doing these things I continued setting up my new Debian system (installing missing software-package by doing everyday work and wondering why it’s not possible to open X anymore or save Y as Z) and backupped all the missing stuff from my old drive. But to revert to Endorphin, as I was saying I continued a bit thinking about it and also made a first design. I thought of building it up like some all-included-standalone IPtables web-interface for Linux. The backbone should be some light HTTP-Daemon (lighttpd?) with abilities of PHP5, Sqlite3 and maybe also ImageMagick which runs on more operating systems than linux (who knows, a PF implementation would also be possible). The web-interface shall provide features for easily accessing IPtables rules, creating new ones, modifying existing ones or deleting them. But Endorphin should not only provide a visualized console, it should also aid the user with hints and rule-creation druids. Beside these features, Endorphin would allow to create real access rules for each Endorphin-User, example: User A could be restricted on creating only rules for eth0, while User B can create rules for eth0 and eth1. Or User A could be restricted for creating only logging-rules but none which would drop/reject or accept packages. All these things aren’t possible using regular linux accounts and pure IPtables and with Endorphin it would also be possible to do these things from all over the LAN/WAN.

I thought about many other features that could be implemented into such a frontend, but it would take too much time to precisely describe each of them. Like I said, I don’t know if I’ll really start that project since it would take an assful of time which I usually do not have. However, feel free to write comments about these ideas… :)


Last week the 320GB@7200 Seagate Barracuda hard drive I ordered just arrived and now, at the weekend I found some time to set it up. I wanted to install a Debian from scratch onto it, since the installation on my old drive is around three or four years old and pretty dumped. However, after a few problems I finally got the system running and transferred all my data from my old drive to my new one. After the basic system with some nice 2.14 Gnome DE was installed, I set up Vino and tried to configure/install all the stuff that was left this morning from my PowerBook, while lying in the bed drinking coffee. It was horrible. I remembered that VNC wasn’t that good/fast/shiny, but still: Over a 54mbit Wlan connection to my workstation I had a oversized (at least for my Mac’s resolution) window with 256 colors and a lag that made me feel like trying to do RDP using Bitmaps. I really miss a Citrix RDP-Daemon for Linux/Unix systems - even if it would be non-free and non-oss - because there really is nothing similar. VNC has some real performance problems and it doesn’t provide any resizing features so that I could see my 1280×1024 screen on my Mac in a 800×600 window. For example, at work I connected with rdesktop to a Windows 2003 Server which had a VMware Console running in fullscreen. Even that was faster than VNC. I really don’t know if it’s only Vino which works that slow, my ChickenOfTheVNC Mac-client or me, that is spoilt by Citrix.

After this I wanted to try NoMachine’s NX but since the Mac client wants X11 I also gave that piece of hope up. Grml. To be continued …


Yesterday evening I’ve been at the cinema with my girlfriend, she had two “For Free”-tickets she got at her birthday and we wanted to see some movie before they expire. We took a look at the “Now Playing”-list and the only more-or-less interessting movie seemed to be The Departed with Matt Damon, Leonardo Di Caprio and Jack Nicholson.

I must say, that the story really was kinda interessting and the acting/screenplay was nice, but I expected something else after I read the movie’s description. At the end I really couldn’t tell if it was a serious ment actionthriller, yet another gore flick, or just some Scary Movie-like leg-pulling. However, it’s worth to see the film, at least if you’ve got free cinema tickets, heh.