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Finally Holidays

Monday, December 25th, 2006

So, finally my holidays started and they won’t end until the 8th of January 2007. Beside all the x-massing this year I also found time to continue some work on all the things I have - at least theoretically - running. I resumed hacking on my media center software for Linux and also found some […]

Setting up the Barracuda

Sunday, December 17th, 2006

Last week the 320GB@7200 Seagate Barracuda hard drive I ordered just arrived and now, at the weekend I found some time to set it up. I wanted to install a Debian from scratch onto it, since the installation on my old drive is around three or four years old and pretty dumped. However, after a […]

SVN for Contacts?

Wednesday, December 6th, 2006

For a quite long time I have a small problem with my virtual addressbook: It’s nice how Evolution display my contacts and integrates them into my mail/calendars. Though, I’d like to have the list of contacts on my PowerBook, too. LDAP is not what I’m searching for, since I might need to access them on […]