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Making applesouce

Okay, I’m shredding since 7pm and it still didn’t stop. shred seems to work really clean, since it’s only at 32% from the first part of totally 34 shredding-cycles. I’m just trying to make the old data on my Apple/IBM harddrive as unreadable as possible, since I’d like to get rid of it. I replaced the 40GB drive by a brand new Fujitsu-Siemens 120GB hdd when I finished installing all the tools I need on my mac and saw that I had only 2GB left on the hard drive for my actual data. Don’t ask my how it comes, I don’t really know what Mac OS X does with all the space, but I hope that this disk will last for a while. However, if someone is interessted in buying an Apple/IBM (IDE) harddrive with 40GB space and 5200rpm, feel free to contact me. The drive is in good condition, when it runs at full speed it’s “hearable” (not lound, only some silent *tick tick tick*), but since it passed different tests and still passes my shredding I don’t think of it to be damaged or dead so soon.

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