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Setting up the Barracuda

Last week the 320GB@7200 Seagate Barracuda hard drive I ordered just arrived and now, at the weekend I found some time to set it up. I wanted to install a Debian from scratch onto it, since the installation on my old drive is around three or four years old and pretty dumped. However, after a few problems I finally got the system running and transferred all my data from my old drive to my new one. After the basic system with some nice 2.14 Gnome DE was installed, I set up Vino and tried to configure/install all the stuff that was left this morning from my PowerBook, while lying in the bed drinking coffee. It was horrible. I remembered that VNC wasn’t that good/fast/shiny, but still: Over a 54mbit Wlan connection to my workstation I had a oversized (at least for my Mac’s resolution) window with 256 colors and a lag that made me feel like trying to do RDP using Bitmaps. I really miss a Citrix RDP-Daemon for Linux/Unix systems - even if it would be non-free and non-oss - because there really is nothing similar. VNC has some real performance problems and it doesn’t provide any resizing features so that I could see my 1280×1024 screen on my Mac in a 800×600 window. For example, at work I connected with rdesktop to a Windows 2003 Server which had a VMware Console running in fullscreen. Even that was faster than VNC. I really don’t know if it’s only Vino which works that slow, my ChickenOfTheVNC Mac-client or me, that is spoilt by Citrix.

After this I wanted to try NoMachine’s NX but since the Mac client wants X11 I also gave that piece of hope up. Grml. To be continued …

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